Monday, May 24, 2010

Has is been that long?

We haven't posted anything in almost a year, so here is the Wharton latest.

  • Tyler graduated from Rice University on May 14, we enjoyed having his parents here for the weekend despite the rain and humidity.
  • Summer is officially here and we have been swimming a lot already. Tyler got his first sunburn of the summer and Connor is already so tan. Connor started Swim Team in April and has had 2 meets already. He swims the freestyle and backstroke and is improving each week. BTW, he is only 4.
  • We are expecting another baby - a GIRL in September!!
  • Back in March Connor entered the Mutton Bustin (sheep riding for those who no habla rodeo) Contest at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and tied for 1st place with 93 points. He won a belt buckle and loved doing it. Did I mention he's only 4?
  • I have been continually helping with open houses, receptions, baby showers and other parties for friends/family. My Primary calling keeps me very busy as well but I love it!
  • We still love to golfing when we get the chance. I found Connor his own set of clubs and he is getting pretty good off the tee box. Connor and Tyler have also enjoyed the FREE build it classes at Lowe's. It's good father/son bonding!
  • Cody is not a baby anymore, he sleeps in a bunk bed with big brother and follows him around constantly. He still has his blonde hair and bluish eyes and I hope they stay. He is a great eater and loves to try new things.

That's all I can come up with for now. The photos are what people want to see anyway, right?


Ryan and Julene Stoianowski said...

Great to hear about you and see you guys again! Love the adorable boys you have. Hey when exactly are you do though?! I am due the 15th of September and I think Jenny is due like 1 week fun!! Miss you guys!

Amber said...

Okay, so much is comment-able about this post, but can I just say I love Cody's "Tax Deduction" bib?

Ben and Trina said...

It's about time! :) j/k sorry we couldn't come out to it would have been fun.

Marylin said...

HOLY SMOKES YOU ARE ALL ALIVE!!!! :) CONGRATS on the new addition and how fun that it is a girl!! It has been too long since we last got to chat and see each other!! So glad that all is well! Congrats Tyler on graduating I know that you have worked you 'A' off!!! Miss you guys and come to Colorado for a visit any time :)

Walter and Lynsi Hohmann said...

Congratulations to Tyler and on your baby girl-to-be! I'm so excited for you guys! It looks like you're doing really well!

Kelly Jennings said...

Yeah! A girl! we just had another girl join our family 3 weeks ago. Three is exciting:)Looks like you are doing great...check out our blog to see our fam updates and KIT. Love ya!

Jenny said...

I want another "latests" post! ;) Hope you guys are doing well.