Monday, November 3, 2008

Boating in November

Believe it or not, we did go boating the 1st day of November in Lake Houston and it was a blast. The water was chili and we didn't come across any snakes or alligators. Cody could barely move in the lifejacket, but he slept most of the time. Connor loved riding in the boat and would say "Daddy, you fell off". We both water skiied and after many attempts Tyler finally got the hang of it. I guess we need to go boating more often.


What a fun holiday! We love getting dressed up and eating candy. Connor doesn't know that I sneak the good chocolate from his trick or treat stash. Tyler and I are the Activities Chairmen in our ward and we helped throw a GREAT party. With a spider web ceiling, homemade rootbeer, fog machine, lots of booths to check out and a trunk or treat, no wonder so many people came. Our X-Men family costumes were a hit too, Tyler really is a good Wolverine. I'm Storm in case anyone was wondering. We missed Cyclopes and Rogue from our original cast :)