Friday, June 27, 2008

My week of lonliness

So this is a little late, but at the first of the month, Rachael and the boys went to Utah to see our cousin Heather get married. It just so happened that the wedding took place during my busiest week of the month at work, so I was unable to attend; which meant that I was home by myself for about a week... and might I add that I was sick for three of those days and had no one home to take care of me. The wedding was great even though Rachael missed the family dance party b/c she had to put the boys to bed. Not to mention that it was VERY chili up Provo Canyon at the reception which was outdoors. I don't think she packed any jackets for the boys, that crazy Utah weather. Photos: 1 - the boys fast asleep on the airplane ride to Utah, 2 - boys and their 2nd cousin Lincoln, 3 - Rachael and Liz at the reception.

Kung Fu and Blogging...A Perfect Friday

Today was the perfect Friday. We took the boys to see Kunfu Panda this afternoon, which was a lot of fun. This marks the first time that we've attempted to take both of the boys to the movies at the same time, and they did really well. We were a little worried about Cody because he's been kind of sick lately and I managed to forget his pacifier in the car, but he didn't seem to need it and was reasonably well behaved. He fell asleep for part of the movie and sat pretty quiet when he wasn't sleeping. Connor was of course enthralled and, being a typical boy, came home and tried out some of his new Kung Fu moves on his mom. She wasn't too thrilled about that, but I got a kick out of it. (No pun intended)

Once we got home we decided that we'd better work on our blog. We've recently recieved a lot blog addresses from friends and family and, to be completely honest, ours just wasn't cutting it; so you'll notice some changes I'm sure. Remember, we're still pretty new to this blogging stuff, so I consider it a work in progress.

Monday, June 23, 2008

The only one

The only picture we have of our little family. At least it is a good one. We need to start taking more photos together.