Monday, May 12, 2008

Well, here it is. For all of you that have been nagging us for the past year or so to start a blog, this is for you! Rachael and I actually created this site back in October, but with the new house, new baby, and semi-new job there were a lot of things that took priority over the blog. Fortunately things have kind of settled so we figured we finally had time for this.
As you can see, our family is growing. Cody turned four months at the end of April and is keeping up with Connor's weight/height at that age. Cody is a really happy baby for the most part, except when he's hungry, tired, or when he's left alone with his dad! But I guess that's probably the norm for most babies. He's a really cute kid, but of course we're biased.
Connor is our little wild man. He runs around
constantly and refuses to let himself, or anyone else, sit still. He has warmed up to Cody really well and has been a big help to mom. He has learned to throw away Cody's dirty diapers, put in his pacifier, and has even shared an animal cracker or two when Cody was crying! He's a good boy.
Well, that's all from Houston for now. Until next time....