Tuesday, May 12, 2009

That's SOUR!

Yes, Cody did want to eat the Lemon. The funny thing is that he kept trying it even though he knew it was sour. He's a cute boy and becoming lots of fun. In the morning he asks me "Can we watch a show?" Well it's more like "jius jius jius a show?" - baby language. Connor loves watching cartoons, so I guess Cody does too.

Mission Fund

Tyler found a dollar bill in Connor's shirt pocket today and asked "Where did you get that?" Connor replyed "From Grandma, she said it's for my mission." At least someone is thinking that far ahead - thanks Grandma.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A week to celebrate

I wrote this on Sunday night, but couldn't post it b/c my new camera wasn't uploading the pictures.

I was born on May 6 and my Mom was able to take me home from the hospital on Mother's Day. I remember her telling me how neat that was because I came just in time for that special day. My birthday celebration started on Tuesday night as Tyler surprised me with dinner at Amadeo's and a small party with family and friends afterwards with an amazing cake. On Wednesday, my Mom treated me to shopping, lunch and a pedicure while my brother Spencer watched my boys for 6 hours. Thursday night was girls night at Roma's and I received several gift cards to use at Charming Charlie's:)

Tyler went to Las Vegas for the weekend to be with his mother and Paige's baby blessing (our niece). Tyler always makes the Mother's Day Dinner - even for my mom, so I guess he'll have to make it next Sunday. My brother Trevin (who is on a mission) called, and it was fun to talk with him. He comes home October 6, I can't believe he only has 5 months left. It will be great to see him again!