Monday, May 24, 2010

Has is been that long?

We haven't posted anything in almost a year, so here is the Wharton latest.

  • Tyler graduated from Rice University on May 14, we enjoyed having his parents here for the weekend despite the rain and humidity.
  • Summer is officially here and we have been swimming a lot already. Tyler got his first sunburn of the summer and Connor is already so tan. Connor started Swim Team in April and has had 2 meets already. He swims the freestyle and backstroke and is improving each week. BTW, he is only 4.
  • We are expecting another baby - a GIRL in September!!
  • Back in March Connor entered the Mutton Bustin (sheep riding for those who no habla rodeo) Contest at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and tied for 1st place with 93 points. He won a belt buckle and loved doing it. Did I mention he's only 4?
  • I have been continually helping with open houses, receptions, baby showers and other parties for friends/family. My Primary calling keeps me very busy as well but I love it!
  • We still love to golfing when we get the chance. I found Connor his own set of clubs and he is getting pretty good off the tee box. Connor and Tyler have also enjoyed the FREE build it classes at Lowe's. It's good father/son bonding!
  • Cody is not a baby anymore, he sleeps in a bunk bed with big brother and follows him around constantly. He still has his blonde hair and bluish eyes and I hope they stay. He is a great eater and loves to try new things.

That's all I can come up with for now. The photos are what people want to see anyway, right?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Phantom of the Opera

We could've seen Phantom of the Opera in New York while we were there, but we went in Houston with my family just days after we got back. It is such an amazing show and Tyler had never seen it before. I love the soundtrack and remember listening to it over and over when it first came out.

New York City!

For my birthday this year, my Mom offered to watch the boys while Tyler and I went to New York. This was my very first time and Tyler hadn't been since he was 14 so it was basically a first for the both of us exploring the city together. We left on a Thursday night and got back late Tuesday night. I'm best at writing travelogues, so here it goes:

Day 1 - crazy shuttle ride from Newark to NY, Times Square, the Naked Cowboy, Lottery for Wicked (didn't win), Double Decker Bus Tour or Downtown, TKTS Booth, Top of the Rockefeller Center to see Empire State Building at Sunset

Day 2 - First Subway trip, Tyler got on and I hesitated and had to wait to catch the next one, Session at the Manhattan Temple, saw Mary Poppins on Broadway, tried to win tickets again for Wicked, Shake Shack, shopping

Day 3 - Bus Tour to Uptown, Central Park, ate at the Hot Dog Vendors, Museum of Natural History, ate dinner at Collin and Jen Bennion's (Tyler's Cousin who lives in Manhattan), got rained on as we were coming home

Day 4 - Walked from 23rd to 53rd in 30 minutes to get Student Rush tickets and found out that Shrek, Wicked and Chicago don't perform on Mondays, walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, ate at Grimaldi's Pizza, shopped at China town, took the night Bus Tour that was so much fun and a nice break from walking all day long

Day 5 - Took the Amtrak to New Haven Connecticut, met up with our good friends Chris and Sarah Elwell, went to a lighthouse and beach, toured the Yale Campus and Art Museum, flew home.

Thank you Mom for watching Connor and Cody and for letting do this memorable trip!!

50th Birthday Bash!

Yes my Mom just turned 50 and I decided to throw her a party. With Disco lights and decorations,, lava lamps as the center pieces, pictures of my Mom from the 70's, groovy music and good food, we had a blast dancing and celebrating my Mom's birthday.

Monday, June 22, 2009


After only a 2 hour flight from Houston, we land in Cancun - humidity and all. We decided to take our boys and Tyler's Mom Heather came with us too. We stayed in a beautiful Marriott property right on the beach with an oceanview. Is the water really that turquoise? It was amazing!! Here is what we did:
  • Ventured to the local Wal Mart to pick up breakfast/juice/snacks. Ate yummy tacos in their food court. They were like $1.25 for 3 tacos al pastor.

  • Enjoyed the beach, sun, sand and good drinks at our hotel

  • Visited Tulum and Chichen Itza - ancient Mayan Ruins

  • Connor held a giant iguana

  • Tried to keep Heather away from the locals selling Mayan masks
  • Took a boat to Isla Mujeres where we rode golf carts around the island

  • Went to church - yes it was all in Spanish. Good thing we had 3 Spanish speakers in our family that translated the meeting

  • Tyler and my brother Spencer body-surfed a ton (at night the waves were huge)

  • Jumped and swam into Ik Kil - a Cenote (underwater cavern) This was my favorite part of the trip.

Overall the trip was a blast and I could go there again in a heart beat. I love the sun :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

That's SOUR!

Yes, Cody did want to eat the Lemon. The funny thing is that he kept trying it even though he knew it was sour. He's a cute boy and becoming lots of fun. In the morning he asks me "Can we watch a show?" Well it's more like "jius jius jius a show?" - baby language. Connor loves watching cartoons, so I guess Cody does too.

Mission Fund

Tyler found a dollar bill in Connor's shirt pocket today and asked "Where did you get that?" Connor replyed "From Grandma, she said it's for my mission." At least someone is thinking that far ahead - thanks Grandma.